Lotus Hair Design

D.I.Y with Lotus

Achieving the Look

Apply Conditioner to hair, Brushing in opposite direction that the hair grows.
Press bristles firmly against scalp, Continue for 10 mins then Rinse.

Avoiding Greasy Areas

Apply conditioner to the bottom 2/3 of your hair first, wait 10 mins,
Then put it on your roots and Rinse altogether after another 5 mins.

Maintaining Your Color

Always shampoo with lukewarm water. Hot water will speed up color fadage.
Use hair products specifically designed to protect colored hair. Remember that some shampoo products designed to add volume will actually "blow up" the cuticle and thus cause hues to fade much faster.
Use products that are specifically labeled as "color safe" Shampoo less often. Even permanent colors will fade faster with frequent washings.
Limit the use of hot styling tools as much as possible. Heat from either appliances or the sun will speed up color loss. When possible, air dry colored strands. Wear cute headgear when out in the sun or when swimming in a pool. Sun, surf, sand and pool chemicals may leach out precious tones or in some cases, cause color to fade or even worse, turn brassy or odd shades of green or orange. Treat colored hair with tender loving care (TLC).
Use the best products your budget can afford and remember to deep condition on a regular basis to counteract dryness.
Resist the urge to recolor again before at least 2 weeks has passed. Remember, less is more. Keep in mind that perms or chemical straightening procedures may cause hair colors to be altered.

Protect Your Color

SHAMPOO: Shampoo with a color treated shampoo.
CONDITION: Apply rich conditioner to ends.
HYDRATE: Once a week apply a deep conditioning mask to hair from just below roots to ends.
STYLE: Protect hair from blow-dryer or irons with a heat shielding spray. If going out in the sun, apply a UV-protecting spray.

Keeping Your Blonde, Blonde

Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove chlorine and hard water buildup.
(Brunettes and Redheads should stay clear of these, sulfates can strip color)
If your hair turns orange try a purple tone shampoo once a week, they are designed to reduce brassiness. (Try Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo)
Keep Hydrated, a hair mask will help restore softness and shine.

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